November 24, 2010

Lego Pharaoh's Quest Released!

Since me and my family went to New York for vacation this wee we decided to go to a Lego store in the city. We entered the Lego Store and I did my normal business getting some Lego. As I was about to leave I noticed that they were putting some new sets on a shelf. I investigated and found out that they were putting out sets from the Pharaoh's Quest series! I bought the two cheapest there, Scarab Attack and the Golden Staff Guardians. I was amazed and I was probably the first person to review it on YouTube (I did not have Internet when I got it so, I did not get to upload my reviews I made yet.) I was also amazed because we all thought that it was going to come out in 2011. See below for pictures and have a great day.

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