November 28, 2010

Michaelmgf Interview

Recently, on skype, I was talking with world known, Michaelmgf and he agreed to an interview:
How much does being a partner influence your lego career?

-Well it gives me three nice banners, and it pays for some of my LEGO, Action figures, etc.

What out of all your customs is your favorite? Whick was the most fun to make?

-I would have to say my Commando Scorch is my fav, and my ARF trooper from "Savage Opress Attacks" was the most fun to make. Do I like my process of making customs? yes, it took some time to get used to but I eventually got used to it.

Do you have any special events or announcements for your fans? (Exp: new brickfilm, attending brickfair, ect)

-Well, I will be attending Brickfair 2011 like I did this year, there are currently no special annoucements for my channel.

Out of all the sets in the new wave of sets, are you looking forwards to most?

-I am looking foward to the Battle Packs and the Jedi shuttle the most. But, I plan on getting most of the new sets exept for the Black V-wing, that looks useless. Plus, I've already picked up some of the new Pharoah's Quest sets, and some 2011 Police sets.

Will you ever quit building legos?

-I will eventually slow down in a few years once I am a adult. But then I will still do what I do just not as much, I plan to be a AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO).

Would you ever, God forbid, sell your legos?

-Never ! Only the ones I only bought to review and are useless and do nothing but collect dust.

Are you planning any EXCLUSIVE Moc, or new wave of customs?

- I plan on making a snow base in the near future (When I get tired of the one I currently have) and I never really have waves of customs. I just make which ever ones I can.

Thanks for talking with me man; Guys, you go subscribe and check out his videos on his channel:

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