November 05, 2010


You may have noticed that Administrator formally: nosepass9, has changed his Youtube username Np9Productions. This is because he recently, he encountered trouble logging in, so he explored a bit more. Earlier today, he has formally reported to the staff and his subscribers that he had been hacked by an unknown enemy. First suspicion fell on the SirCrazyMonkey but were not proven. So please do him a favor and take a look at his new channel as he lost all of his several hundred subscribers and has had to start all over again. So please watch out for hackers and defend yourself by following these tips:

1. Do NOT reply to any: "Get more subscribers today" or "Want more views? Just give us your Username and password!" messages. Earn them yourself.

2.NEVER give anyone your password. NEVER!

3. Don't think hackers wont target you! They will target everyone from: Legomacrets23 to the newest Youtuber.

4 And finally, watch out for your friends and yourself and hope they do the same.

Please protect yourself! even the least known Lego Brickfilmer can make a difference and if hacked will greatly affect the community.

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