November 03, 2010

Star Wars Sets to Be

I'm sure all of you have seen, or heard about the new, awesome Lego sets coming out in December 2010-January 2011; but here, I'll give you the opinions of the whole staff, and the most popular Youtubers on whether to get it or not!

T-6 Jedi Shuttle:
Though seen in numerous episodes of the Clone Wars, this is not a very well known vehicle in the Star Wars Universe but if purchased, it contains some very good quality figures such as: (NEW!!!!) Quinlan Vos, Shaak Ti, Saesee Tin, and an old Obi-wan. Besides the figure, the structure looks good, and it appears as if this set will have a lot of playability.


Bounty Hunter Gunship:
Now, I have to admit, i may have missed it, but when has this EVER appeared in the Clone Wars?!?!? Plus, from the pics I've seen (though prototype versions) don't look to great. And honestly, it looks like the only good figure in this set is Embo, which is worth getting, but i don't think alone is worth paying $50.


The Battle of Naboo:
This is simply a fantastic set! From the looks of it, it includes 8 regular battle droids, 2 droid pilots, and two revised Gungan figures! This is a the best set released for quite a while that actually contains a solid number of battle droids for a great price.

GET IT! ( If you don't, I'll hunt you down! lol)

Imperial V-wing
Basically, a recreation of the Republic V-wing from a few years ago, this isn't too original. All it is, is a V-wing with Black and white coloring and some new special figs. This one can go either way, soooooooo.....


Battle of Geonosis
Though I know the pics released are prototypes, the cannon looks ok, but it includes some repetitive figs. I plan on getting 1 or 2 of these just so I can make the Ryloth scene because really, the cannons you see are really from the Ryloth series.


Mandalorian Battle Pack
This was simply a great idea! The new Mandalorian helmet design is awesome, so why not get them for cheap? It IS a great idea for a cheap price!


Clone Trooper Battle Pack
Finally! The Best for last! This set includes the first-ever ARF trooper which is definitely a highlight! Personally, I plan on getting 10-15 of these and maybe even more! Besides, there are also two bomb squad troopers, and a new clone commandos figure which is showing that Lego agrees with some of the brickfilmers out there, they need new figures! And don't forget! this may serve as an alternative to Arealight's helmets and you'd get the other troopers, as well as a vehicle!

GET IT! (I swear, if you don't, you have problems!)

Anyway, those are the scheduled sets but there are a few more rumored, so stay tuned, and we'll have info for you soon!

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