December 01, 2010

Brickmaster on the way out?

When I just recently renewed my Brickmaster subscription, I found that the infamous magazine package is done for. Beginning next year, 2011, there will be no more Brickmaster. In it's stead, there will be a similar package, but will it ever be the same?

For the majority of the last decade, Brickmaster has pleased many Brickfans. Every two months, a magazine and a microscale toy would show up in your mail box or at your door. In addition, the first package included two $5 coupons for the Lego shop, and a free admission to Legoland California. If you order now, before they are gone forever, LEGO will send you one 200 pg magazine and all six models.

Now, the Customer Service Employee informed me that the new Product will have the same idea, but will it be the same? Sure, LEGO will most likely include a magazine, but the fans are left to ponder their purchase without knowing what to expect when LEGO's Club's new partner arrives. Will there still be the little sets? The coupons? Mmmmm?

LEGO Brickmaster is still available for purchase online, or by phone but they wont last, you only have until late December to purchase this condensed package. For more info on what you'll receive, I'll be posting short reviews of the mini sets on my channel:

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