December 02, 2010

JPO1997 Interview

Here is an interview of another one of my friends, JPO:

How does being a partner affect your YouTube?

-Well it all depends. If I need parts the partner money helps me with buying those parts. Overall it does help me.

Do you plan on attending Brickfair this year? Are there any other EXCLUSIVE things that you might be doing? (New Brickfilm, etc.)

-Well I don't know for sure if I am attending brickfair this year. I hope I am and I am planning on it.As for exclusive things; I am working on my brickfilm: 21st Division Droid Infiltration. I also plan on some printed figures soon, what they're secret for now.

When you watch the Clone Wars, what makes you make decals for any new clones?

-Well, really, I make decals for any clone out there which I feel I should make. I never really feel that it's necessary to make certain clones.

When you began on YouTube, what made you turn to decalling?

-I started to make decals for my custom clones because I wanted my customs to be 100% by me.

Would you ever be interested in having a store, or being an author on TheBrickUpdate?

-I may be interested in being an author, but not having a store I have one in the works.

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