December 05, 2010

Lego City Advent Calender Days 1-4

Hi I'm legostothemax, Everyday I will post a new post about what is in the Lego city advent calender. Ok were behind about 5 days so I'll catch you up...

On Day one we received a snowman. Every year Lego creates a new snowman for the calender It usually turns out well... Here's a picture.

On Day 2 We rAdd Imageeceived A boy with a sword , lets refer to him as Little Max. He is an alright figure and his torso was in the LEGO City Small Car set and is double printed. Overall its ok but the sword looks pretty realistic and looks like Little Max might get in trouble.

On day 3 we got...

A ramp and skateboard... this will be handy for little Max won't it, now he can go skating with his his friends the sword and snowman.

City Day 3

On day 4 we got...

A miniature crane... Now Max will be having a great day playing with his brand new toy crane!

City Day 4

Stay tuned till next time for the day five.

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