December 08, 2010

Lego City Advent Calender Days 5-8

OK As most of you remember little max has just received a toy crane. Now lets see what else he gets.

Day 5 Today we got a...
...Drum kit for little max. Now he can just have a great day playing music. Hooray for Little Max.
Day 6 Today little Max got...
His sister she is going to be a great time to be with for Little max.

City Day 6
Day 7
Today Little Max got...
A piano now him and his sister can form there own rock band. Get ready to buy the new album from the Bricktunes.
Day 7
Day 8
Today Little max got...
A dog now Little max has a pet just like his sister hooray for family.
Day 8
Stay tuned for days 9-12.

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