December 14, 2010

Lego Star Wars Reviews

As many of you know from a recent post, All the new 2011 Lego Star wars sets have been realised in Germany. Well now the sets are starting to go around on various website such as and For reviews on all the new 2011 sets, I would check out one of our own authors channels. Legoboy12345678 (David Hall). David is currently reviewing all the 2011 sets before the night is done, and I would highly recommend looking at the reviews before you buy the sets. David gives great detail explaining all of the sets pros and cons.

Also be sure to check out the contest that we our hosting, to enter you must your information into the registration spot. After that is completed you will then have a chance to win one of the all new 2011 Clone Trooper Battle Pack. (Be sure to only enter once.)

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