December 06, 2010

Legoboy12345678 Interview

I was just earlier this afternoon was talking to David (legoboy12345678-ALT-Fan) and he agreed to a short interview for TheBrickUpdate:
Are you planning on making any new brickfilms or exclusive specials to your channel?

-Well, im planning on making a showreel for my channel, like I did last year, for they are very popular.

How big of an impact does being a partner make to your MOC making or brickfilming?

-To me, it makes a huge impact. I can buy what I need to make my films good, and the partner program helps removes any restrictions that would normally be put on my brickfilming or Mocmaking.

What would you say is the best part of so popular on youtube?

-I love to get my fans all hyped up over my reviews; and I love to show things like my brickarms or brickforge purchases.

What, in your personal opinion, has been the most fun MOC or battle scene to make?

-Most likey the Battle of Adari: It seems to be a big fan favorite for some reason.

Which do you think is better: Clonearmycustoms or Minifigmaker?

-I personally think Clonearmycustoms is better because I see the quality as being better and the figs are more reliable.

What has to be the best thing you have purchased?

-I have to say to best purchase is probably the three aats for $25; best deal ever!!!!

What do you think we can improve on the site?

-Having more new information and posting 3-4 more articles on the site: I love to see all the new stuff that comes out.

Would you ever be interested in being an author or having a store on TheBrickUpdate?

-I will think about it, but if its cool, and I want to, I might just link my site to TheBrickUpdate.

Thats about it for this exclusive interview. And here's a link to David's main channel:

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