January 29, 2011

Account of the week

Hello People and welcome to the account of the week. I know we have forgotten to do this for a little while but this is back and we will be continuing to update you every week.

As you may remember our last account of the week was Namwwe24.

So this weeks account of the week is 111LegosReviews111.

111Legoreviews111 reviews Lego sets, and is quite good at it, he is a YouTube partner, and is a very nice person. He is actually trying to win a Lego death star, but he is such a nice person he won't even keep it. 111 is actually giving it to his friend who doesn't have much money so he can have a better life. So I would recommend you subscribe to him. Tune in next week for the new account of the week.


  1. wow, if i had yuotube i would totally sub him. He sounds like a nice guy and really cares about his friend! Nice work lttm!!!

  2. mmm... its ok lacks detail and videos though

  3. agreed with pandemic