January 25, 2011

Knight (KJ) Interview

Just recently I got to talk to an amazing customizer Here is an example of his work:

But enough of that and on to the interview

1. Who is your favorite customizer?
My favorite customizer is one not many have seen. Sure I draw inspiration from JasBrick, Pedro-79, Pecovam, Hazel, Chocobricks, Morgan190, BrickArmy, Eclipse, etc. (sorry if I left anyone out... and I know I did) but my son has to be the best I know. I think it is because his thought process is still unbridled. His world is much simpler and does not seem to have many rules so he tends to put together combos or ask why certain parts won't work together that I had never thought of before. Sometimes I am able to get out my exacto and make the parts work. My recent Blackwater custom with the bandana below the face and over the Hazel Tac Vest... Ethan's idea. "Hey dad, why can't I fit this part on top of this vest?" my response " Let's see if we can make it work!"

2.What is your favorite Customized fig
My favorite customized fig of mine has got to be my Roach from MW2 fig because I was able to create a vision for a character that everyone knew but did not know what they looked like. My favorite customized fig from another customizer has got to be the Knight KJ SERE 2 fig from pecovam. The reason being is I jokingly said to pecovam "Wouldn't it be cool if you made a USAF SSgt Geils fig" when he made his Private Victor Fernandez fig and he did. He didn't even hesitate and we barely had chatted before. I just think that shows you what kind of guy pecovam is and he really put together a great fig. The pictures don't do it justice. I think what makes a great fig is what is behind it, the art and the artist's passion.

3.What inspired you to make these incredible figure's?
That's easy, my son, Ethan (mostly); also late nights playing MW2 and Black Ops. There are probably a few other games in there as well. It's become my new form of art. I have always been an artist. I was once a sculpture assitant at an art school. Growing up I painted Warhammer minatures (never played the game though), did free-hand pencil drawings, I have dabbeled in black and white photography at times; but this is my thing now. Mostly because it is a bond and a passion I share with my son.

4.Has making these LEGO creations influenced you in your social life?
Most definately. I have friends all over the world now. People contact me all the time through the different social portals of the WWW asking me about fig and paiint techniques... I think that pretty cool and I love helping the younger guys and gals out.

5.Would you give any tips to making any minifigs to anyone?
Don't just slap some TLC parts together and call it a custom (hears the "booo's" from all the purists). Do something different, do something to make it your own. Create your own style and find that which inspires you most. I think I am at my best when creating military figs because I really enjoyed being in the military. It is something I am still passionate about and if the stars alined correctly I would go back in and finish my 20 years.

6.What is your favorite LEGO set?
Lego Classic Space Set 885 Space Scooter. It was my first set as a kid.

7.How long do you think you will be continuing you custom's?
As long as I stay passionate about it, but hey I'm a pretty old guy still playing with plastic blocks and plastic people so I figure I've had that hobby for a long time... so you never know.

8.Why did you start customizing LEGO figures?
Several years back I wanted to make a military figure for my son but ofcourse there were no real military parts for LEGO. After looking through ebay and google for some stuff I came across Justin Stebbins' (Sabre Scorpion) website. I purchased some sticker from him. I was horrible at applying them and the guys just didn't turn out the way I wanted so I started looking for more stuff. Soon I found BrickArms, Brickforge, Fine Clonier, MMCB. Then a started in on the forums and found great ideas. Next thing I knew Ethan and I were doing contest and joined Flickr. We found Hazel, Arealight, TT, and Minifig.Cat parts there and it has just kept growing and growing.

8.Do you plan on making more Modern War figures?
Probably in the future. They really are that which I am most passionate about but I am trying to force myself into a host of other genres to expand my own style and creativity.

9.Who inspired you? See question 3

10.Do you have anything to say to people out there in the lego community or family perhaps viewing this?
I really appreciate everyone who has been my inspiration and encouragement. This past year has been a real difficult one for reasons I care not to explain but this art has been an outlet for me and the great words and being able to help new customizers and young customizers has really made things feel a heck of a lot better. Just praise God in all you do, even if it feels silly to do so. Do things not for your personal glory but for His and you will become more valuable then you know.

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