February 10, 2011

Dmotion is leaving youtube

One of our own beloved staff has decided to quit youtube. He has said that he will remain on skype and as an admin at TheBrickUpdate, but he said things were getting to hectic in his life. One thing he said was, "youtube is just becoming a war ground" which in part, Is true. When asked if he'd return in the near or distant future, he replied, "I'm done" which means the Brick filming community has lost another one of its members due to an unnecessary and constant war among major, popular powers.

Dmotion, a Average brickfilmer, made effects and Lego models. When I asked him why he was quitting in addition to it being so hectic, he replied, "No really cares about my films or channel." Which in the end is up to how persistent the person is. Last night at 9:17 PM Central Standard time (United States), he signed out of DRAGONMAD614 for the last time. It is a shame that he is leaving for good, but he will hopefully remain with us for a long time to come.

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