February 01, 2011

LEGO Minifigures Series #3: Elf Review

The new Series #3 Minifigure I will be reviewing is the Elf.

So Yeah! lets get started:
This series #3 Minifigure is well made in my view. This minifigure has a well distinct look in it, the head is actually really good because LEGO has included ears, which they don't usually do. The facial expression looks very typical for an elf, well thats what I think because I always thought elves are mad...I don't know why but its just what I think. Another thing I like about this minifigure is that LEGO includes a shield and a bow, mostly because elves usually are like that in some fantasy T.V. show. The torso came out really nice by the fact it has chest armor and a belt. The legs I think came out really well. The shield is really detailed, and the bow turned out okay. The only thing that I didn't like about this minifigure is that it doesn't seem small to me because elves are supposed to be little, but the legs still had some nice detail.

I give this minifigure a..............


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