February 03, 2011

LEGO Minifigures Series #3: Samurai Warrior

Here comes another Lego Minifigure Series #3 Review!

So Lets get started.
The Samurai Warrior Minifigure is well made in my opinion. The Face gives the minifigure a more of a warrior/serious look. The helmet came out real nice, of the fact it looks more typical for an ancient warrior, and the chest armor fits in real nice with it.

The torso looks really good because if you ever decide to take off the chest armor, the minifigure can change its look into a more of the less killing type of person, but in my opinion I like him as a killing person hehehe!

The legs turned out...okay? The legs are just red with a little grey/yellow pattern on the belt and pockets, but it still fits in with the minifigure so thats still good. Another thing I like about this minifigure is that it comes with an awesome looking sword, so thats a big part in the minifigure's playability.
I give this Minifugre a.........................9/10


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