February 27, 2011

Lego Ninjago Ninja Training Outpost Review

Hello all, this is Willco66 with a review of the Ninja Training Outpost. I got this set from borders, which has filed for Chapter 11 and is closing 200 stores, so everything at those 200 stores are going on sale. This set I got for $4.80, and the original price was $6.

The minifigure that comes with this set is a black ninja with with the standard ninja head covering, a singled sided torso, and leg printing, all of which is nicely designed. The box says his name is Cole. This minifigure is one of the best parts of the set.

The weapon holder is another great part of the set. There are spots for all of the weapons, (a sword, bow and arrow, a spear, and two daggers) except the bow and arrow, which is best suited to being on the ninja's back.  The two daggers in the set seem to be made out of some sort of rubbery plastic. There is a barrel included that you can also put weapons in, and in the middle of the weapons holder there is a white lamp. I like one feature of this, which is if you buy 4 of this set, you can combine the 4 weapon holders to make a tower.

The scorpion you get with set was okay, but it seemed random, and didn't really fit in with the set. I'm wondering if Lego threw it in so they could raise the price by 25 cents. The target, that you get with this set is the worst element of the set. First of, you can' use it as a target, since Lego doesn't make arrows separate from the bow. You also can't stick knifes to it, except with digital trickery or clay. The second thing I don't like about it is that you can't stick it on a base plate, unless you put two circular 1 by 1 studs on the bottom like I did. So this thing is almost useless for brickfilming, except as a prop, and it's playability is shot down a lot too.

When I bought this set at Borders, I bought it on impulse, and am glad I got it. Though the target may be bad, and the scorpion seems random, the ninja, the weapons, and the weapons holder really salvage the set. Though this set hasn't interested me in any of the other Ninjago sets (with the possible exception of the Ninja Ambush set), movie, or the two games, I recommend getting this cheap set to everyone, especially if they need a ninja or a lot of weapons.

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