February 06, 2011

Ninjago Reviews: Ninja Ambush

OK Guys!
Today im going to be reviewing set 2258 Ninja Ambush.
I picked this brilliant set up for $9.99 AUS from my nearest Mr Toys Toyworld and can i just say its fantastic!
This particular set comes with two minifigures. You get the newly designed skeleton with a great new bone axe. And one of the new main characters Kai, A red ninja who looks like he could cause some serious hurt!

The set itself is pretty cool. You get one of the four legendary weapons of spinjitsu which in this set is a golden scythe. And also a really nice flick fire fuction which can launch Kai straight at the unsuspecting skeleton. This is really a great step forward for LEGO!

So all and all i give this set...

Figures : 7/10
Playabilty: 6/10
Design: 7/10


  1. Why so many reviews? It is getting annoying

  2. Non it's not, without reviews the LEGO organization would not get any sales because of no one recommending the sets! I liked the article, D wasn't there a cyclone in Australia. Other than that good article, I'm Gina buy it!!!!