February 11, 2011

Perfecturn Interview (Partnership)

Shortly after I found out that a friend of mine [Tom] had achieved partnership, I contacted him on skype (no skype names will be given out) and he agreed to an interview.

What do you plan to do with your channel? New banners? New layout?
-Umm yes i was very happy with getting partnership and can't belive alittle hobby could become so popular.

Can your viewers expect a newly created Brickfilm funded by adsense?Any particular facts you'd like to release?

-Yes i am in the process of making a film just takes time but stay tuned; and well if you have seen my trailers it involves zombies and well more zombies going to really have a good strong story line unlike alot of stop motions and i want it to be one of the greatest movies in zombies ever created.

What do you wish to purchase with your adsense funds?

-Well its nothing like legoboy makes but hoping to buy legos for future projects that I and only a few friends know about

Now, on a different topic, are you working/planning a new brickfilm or large MOC?

-Well lol I am building a huge star wars moc that well will have alot of of bricks along the 5,000 to 12,000 bricks which in my eye is very big under taking so that is coming soon

Perhaps in the future, would you be interested in being an author of perhaps having a store on the site?

-Yes I would be intersted let me know and i will think about it thanks for having me.

Well guys, thats about it for this inteview; stay tuned for our next interview of Spasticchuwawa and Oldscratch!

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