February 25, 2011

Things You Should Check!

Guys, this a nice new segment I'd like to release... Things You Should Check! This is basically just an artical I will post every week on Friday from now on, and it'll show you some new products in the making or going on shelves that you should really consider buying! Anyway, I now leave you with this week's Things You Should Check:

-Arealight Printed Helmets

These are simply great, and a fantastic idea! Each is reasonable priced and are very, very useful! With a wide range of Clone Commandos to Clone Commanders to Mandalorians, you can find an arealight printed helmet for the majority of your customs helmet needs!

-Minifigmaker Customs
As always, I definitly think you should go and check out this Customs shop: http://minifigmaker.com/ which is chock-full of awesome and accurate customs. These are just a few that were recently produced, but he is also working on the new Echo and Fives in Arc trooper armor, and I can't wait for those to be released! Keep checking in to his site to be on the line with customs!

                                      CloneArmyCustoms Echo and Fives Review by Legoboy Productions™
Another customs shop, CAC is having some complaints, but his customs are of good/decent quality and deserve less of the critisism that they recieve and more of the good feedback they deserve. At the moment, Tyler Page, the mastermind behind CloneArmy is creating customs molded helmets plus a poseable commando droid, weapons, and as you see above, a new echo and fives. Now these could use a little work but are coming along very nicely.To buy customs or to cotact him, vistit his site: http://clonearmycustoms.com/

Well thats about it for this week guys, check out those products and I'll be back next week with some new stores and sites for you check out. See ya!

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