March 20, 2011

BrickStix: Reusable Decals

Ever heard of BrickStix? It's the invention of an 11-year-old boy named Greyson, (With his parents help) facing the problem of not being able to get Lego's stickers off the bricks, when you make a mistake, or want to use the brick for something else. The invention that came out of this was BrickStix, a company that sells reusable stickers (also called BrickStix) for Legos. The stickers are available as two sheets of 84 stickers for about $6, or approximately 7 cents a sticker. There are currently three themes, Metro, Transport, and Space. They also have a patent on this pending, so be careful decal makers.

This product looks very interesting, and looks like it would be great for brickfilmers, MOC builders, and anyone who wants to have more fun playing with Lego. However, I think this idea needs to be slightly improved. For instance, selling stickers individually, but requiring that you need to buy 10 of them, or something like that would help. I don't want to buy the space and metro packs when I need only 5 stickers from each. And of course they'll need to make more themes of the stickers. For instance, a Japan theme to go with Ninjago, or an Egypt theme to go with the new Pharaoh's Quest sets. If they come out with a new theme I like, I'll get one of these. If you want to check out the site yourself, just click here: BrickStix.

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