April 23, 2011

New Brickarms Weapons Packs for May 2011

Brickarms.com has just revealed 8 new Weapons Packs that will be available in May. These look absolutly amazing and the new colors will truly blow you away. Some of them contain all new colors and others are updates to some of the older Weapons packs Will has done (Like the Zombie Defence Pack and Chrome pack)

I will leave you guys with some links down below to their info page and for any of our readers that have not discovered Brickarms yet I urge you guys to go check out the site. Brickarms is run by Will Chapman and he designs and sells small Lego Minifigure compatible weapons. Will uses high quality ABS Plastic to create these weapons and I can guarantee you guys will be impressed with the level of detail in these guns. Brickarms covers everything from WW2 to Sci-fi and is one of the top Custom Lego Accessorie makers out there. I will leave you guys with some links to the new weapons packs:

4 New Chrome Packs
V1 Mystery Pack
D.O.G Pack
Zombie Defense Pack 2011
Fire Pack

And if you would like to check out Brickarms.com you can do so Here

Thanks Guys and Happy Easter

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