May 10, 2011


BrickMagic is an event in North Raleigh hosted by BrickJournal, and is an amazing event. At the event was the family that is Shatterpoint Entertainment and who made the movie Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled, famous brickfilmer David Pagano, and Sean Kenney, a lego builder who has built many great things for TV and the Lego Company.

I Must say that the exhibition hall was amazing. There were many trains running around, and there were so many little details to the great MOCs. One was of a Drive-in movie theater showing Star Wars Episode 4 live on a screen the size of an iPad. On one table was a group of MOCs from the Harry Potter books. The Vendors were also amazing. Eclipsegrafix and Legoboy had a table selling customized minifigures (including some CAC) and some small accessories. BrickForge and BrickArms also had products being sold there. All in all, it was a great convention, and if you live in North Carolina or around it, go check it out next year.

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