May 28, 2011

Jericho: Fulfilled it's Promise

When I went to BrickMagic, one of the things I got was a DVD of Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled. Made by ShatterpointEntertainment, a family who began making brickfilms because their son had ADHD and was homeschooled, this is an amazing 30 minute film based on the story of how the Israelites destroyed the city of Jericho in the Bible or the Torah. While the movie adheres strictly to the source material, this film uses a lot of creative license with the unknowns of the story (including helicopters, cameras, and a Matrix spoof). It is $12.00, and you can order it on the creator's website: The Film has also received multiple awards.

This film is very professional, using a lot of CGI, special effects, and green screening, and is scored by a professional composer. I especially admire the work done to make the mouths move. Another effect I admire in the production is the use of blue sand for water in several of the scenes, most notably when the wandering Israelites have to cross a river. The storyline of the movie was also very good, as Shatterpoint Entertainment made it into a more personal story, focusing a lot on Solmon, one of two spies that were sent to Jericho, and Rahab, a women who helped the spies. While the plot, music, filming, and effects were flawless, Jericho had several moments intended to be funny that were not amusing to me. However, I watched it by myself, and I'm sure a group of people or a younger audience will enjoy the humor much more.

This film was highly enjoyable, and a very professionally done brickfilm, and I'd give this a rating of 9/10.

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