May 05, 2011

Shadow ARF Trooper Review

Hey guys, CTC here and im here with another review today! Today I review a brand new EXCLUSIVE minifigure: the Shadow ARF Trooper.

This fig is basically a recast of the normal Lightning Squadron ARF Trooper from the 2011 Clone BP (Battle Pack) but this time in black. The Body is just a black body with normal clone markings but the helmet is a bit more interesting. It is the same cast as the origional ARF helmet, but once again: in black. Then, the visor was printed in Silver, and from what I've been told friends I've talked to as well as looked at mine, I found that once again, there were a lot of varying visor prints (difference in shape). Even so, it's very nice. Then, those sand green markings were replaced with blue on the black of the helmet which looks really cool. Overall, this figure has (variable) good quality and is very worth it. The deal from the LEGO company initially was that if you purchased $75 dollars of merchandise on May 3rd or 4th you'd recieve one for free. That deal was extended until the 8th. But it ends up that for a limited time, you can buy one for $10 plus applicable taxes so rush right over to your local LEGO Store and pick one up!

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