June 17, 2011

New LEGO Super Star Destroyer Images Released!

Ever since we saw the preliminary images of supposed set number: 10221 Super Star Destroyer, the infamously huge Imperial ship in Episode VI Return of the Jedi, we've been curious as to if the set will be quality; or even if it deserves the title of Collector's edition...
But now, after seeing close-ups and detailed pictures of the set, LEGO SW Fans are blown away!
Here, the overall shot shows the entire ship as well as its complement of 5 minifigures, and a miniature, scale Star destroyer! It seems to be that the figures include, Darth Vader with chrome hilt, Bossk which was a very popular figure from the 2010 Slave I set, IG-88 one of several "IG" class Offensive/defensive droid often enlisted to work bounties as well as be used for security purposes, a new Dengar figure with printed torso and new head, and a default Imperial Naval Officer.
This, side view shows the size of of this set as well as a good show of its complement of pieces.
Finally, this zoom shot shows the insane complexity and detailing of the center area of the set.
All of these are simply stunning features that I CAN NOT wait for, tho under a squeeze for cash, i may have to go with the Republic frigate over this but im sure it will be a hard decision! Next, I'll most likely be doing a report on Brickworld 2011 from which i will be having some table space, so be ready for that! See you guys next time.

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