August 24, 2011

Brickfilm Review: Darth Vader Knightfall by Hunterkiller1440

This is an amazing brickfilm, to say the least! A serious contender in Spugesdu's contest, this is a great piece of work by Hunterkiller1440!

It takes 40 seconds for the action to start, however, as first the viewer has to read about the background to the story, involving order 66, some Jedi and Darth Vader. The opening CGI shot looks slightly tacky, but once it gets to normal animation, this brickfilm gets epic! Suddenly, we get... A TWO MINUTE LIGHTSABER FIGHT!

I have to say, this is one of the best LEGO lightsaber fights I have ever seen in the brickfilming community. The flawless animation, when combined with the amazing cinematography, with endless camera movements and gob-smacking effects, make for an extremely entertaining fight scene. Plus there's loads of Jedi, making is so much fun! Hunterkiller must have spend a very long time indeed on editing all the emiters! There's green and blue lightsabers all over the place, with many different species of Jedi (e.g. Trandoshan, Rodian) and even a double-sided blade thrown into the mix.

This is a truly fantastic brickfilm. Although short, it is one of the most entertaining brickfilms I have seen! I really hope Hunterkiller1440 chooses to keep going with his animating as he is a master of it!

Plot: 7/10 Simple but effective
Animation: 10/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Lighting/ Sound: 8/10
Effects: 10/10
Overall: 9/10 EPIC!

Link to video
Hunterkiller1440's channel

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