August 09, 2011

Start of a New Era?

Today, Tuesday August 9, 2011 at about 3:00 P.M. Eastern time, David: Legoboy12345678 was flagged for copyright infringment. Youtube has notified him of the imminant closing of his main channel [Legoboy12345678] and the reaction across the web is intense. From each perspective, viewers could say it's about time with all the copyrighted material used in his films and videos and on the other hand they could say this an unfortunate and unfair occurance. Either way, the community might have to accept that one of the most viewed channels may be gone. Even so, devoted viewers are involved in developing a movement to save the channel against these near-impossible odds.

It is rumored that behind this "attack" or "blackmail" are four members of the youtube-flikr community: JJEffects66, LASW, and two others known as Ethan and Joe, who have chosen to stay further in the shadows than John [JJEffects] and LASW, but this is not confirmed. Though they do claim credit for the actions against Legoboy, we cant be certain. But as the community toils against supporting and cursing David, we have to stop and think: Is this the end of an era? And of course, what will happen to the film "Landings on Nadiem"?

My best geuss as to the completion and showing of 'Nadiem will happen on the existing Fan and ALT channels. But as to the ending of an era... we really cant tell. For nearly the past three years, Legoboy Productions has been a center point in many reviews, flame wars, and developements. By no way is David completely devoid of blame or problems but his videos, among others, have played a major part in the community. Could this be an oppurtunity for less known brickfilmers, reviewers, and moc builders to gain control of the spotlight? Or will it take away a part of the community? For better or worse, the Legoboy Main channel is almost certainly gone and the way we react in turn will only be seen in time.

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