November 23, 2011

Film Feature: Lego Black Ops Zombies

Hey guys, its LSWStoriesAnimations here again with this week's Film Feature! Today I will be reviewing Lego Black Ops Zombies by YouTube user supercoolclark. The plot follows a typical game of Call of Duty Black Ops zombies. It features two players, one of which is constantly trash talking and using unnecessary violence to kill zombies. Supercoolclark does a fantastic job with all of his Lego Call of Duty films and this is no exception.  As always, weapons are the primary focus. The players are seen using guns ranging from the M14 to the much sought after ray gun. All of the effects are seemingly flawless as well! That includes both sounds and visuals. Overall the film had a true Call of Duty zombies feel to it. Everything that could have been incorporated was there including the perk and pack-a-punch machines. In my opinion, supercoolclark is an very talented and creative animator, and is definitely worth subscribing to.

Animation: 9/10
Visual Effects: 10/10
Sound Effects: 10/10
Story: 10/10

Pros:                                                        Cons:

- Great Story                                            - Simple set design
- Outstanding Effects
- Smooth Animation
- Good Lighting
- Creative

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