November 03, 2010

Legoboy12345678 Gets Burned By DMotionPictures

Youtuber David Hall has recently had an Internet brawl with another Youtuber known as DMotionPictures. On a Bricktuts chat around 6:30 pm (EST) Legoboy gets scorched by an animator with less then 50 subs! People on the chat sided with DmMotionPictures, saying that he was better. Legoboy was furious with this event and stormed off the site posting many rude things about DMotionPictures. He will probably get his revenge soon on Dmotionpictures knowing Legoboy is known to hold grudges. If you check out Dmotionpictures' channel, you will see that Legoboy is no chance for the superior ability of him. Legoboy will hopefully remember this day for a long time.


Bladedude- "Legoboy Fails"

Legoboy- "My Sixteen Thousand fans will easily agree with me"

Bladedude was the one everybody agreed with while the rest of the chatters talked about how Legoboy's "fanboys" are a bunch of noobs.

The people who were on Bricktuts chat at this time decided to hold a vote to who is better. The people who actually voted, voted that DMotionPictures is better. DMotionPictures was very happy about the results of the conversation. He later quoted- " I hope no Brickfilmer has to endure what I have endured from Legoboy today."

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