November 02, 2010

New LEGO Pharaoh's Quest Range??

I was searching the products section yesterday when i noticed something new..

LEGO Pharaoh's Quest....
Said to be a new lego product for december 2010 the pharoah's quest range is mysteriously secretive....
Once you click on the link in the products page you will be taken to a desolate desert landscape.
Click on the diary on the ground and then translate the lego-glyphs on the side.
(It translates to be PHARAOHS QUEST)
Once you have typed in the code the diary will open to reveal the journal of Prof. Archibald Hale (possibly the main character of the range)

As you read on you get a lot of hints on what the sets will be about and the types of characters that will be in them.

I dont want to spoil anything but i will give you two words....


To check out the site for yourself click the link below.

I hope it comes out soon!


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  1. looks cool, i went to the link and it seems like its going to be cool