November 26, 2010

Site Updates

Domain Name:
Our website, now, is known as, but hopefully very soon, we'll be buying our very own ".com". This will only occur when our site starts to recieve an average of 300 views a day; So start spreading the word!

At this time we are creating a commercial for our site's advetising purposes. If any of our viewers wish to post this commercial on  their youtube channel or website just contact one of our Admin!

New Pages:
As you may have noticed, we have a few newer pages at the top of the screen but they are mostly empty. This is because (in the info archives case) we are working very hard to fill them! At this moment, all of our staff is researching many varying topics to create a chock-full archive of star wars, halo research like wookiepedia! So look forward to that!

Maybe a store?
Right now, our admin staff is debating the fact of whether having a bricklink sort of program on our website. Now first off, we would not being copying bricktuts. We'd be simply providing a source for the most popular youtubers to the little known ones to be able to show, sell, and buy custom goods at there leisure.

So this wont happen often, but please comment on this article if you have any ideas; and if your idea gets picked, we may even check you out and perhaps consider you for authorship! So please enter your ideas in that comment bar down below and see what happens!

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