December 21, 2010

Behind the Scenes Insight Into: ZOMBRICKS

Quite a few of you may have seen or chatted with Frisbink of our site's Chatango chat; and while I was talking to him, he told me a little insight into a Epic Brickfilm in the making.
     Zombricks is a full-length ( 2hr) Brickfilm with full effects and voice actors. Frisbink is only a portion of the many greatest brickfilm producers who are working together to make this monster length film at 24 fps (frames per second). I, myself along with another part of our staff: Dragonmad or Dmotion studios are taking part in this HUGE project by way of voicing some of the charactors. Some of the other voice actors are: mrsuperlook, benny1332, and animalbeast2261. Keshen 8 and xxxfancypantsxxx might be taking part in the production, but it is not for sure at the moment.
    Anyhow, the plot is very similar to any other Zombie movie; a group of scientists try to find a cure for death, and yet bring about an apololypse of epic preportions. This film will be released on the 30th of March if all goes to schedule, and now I leave you with a trailer:

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