December 20, 2010

Better look at the new Lego Minfigures series 4

Here is a better picture of the Lego series 4 minifigures! There will be 16 minifigures just like series 1, 2 and 3 and they are rumoured to be released in April of 2011

This series looks very promising as Lego is releasing many never before seen accessories like the Guitar, Paint set and hockey stick just to name a few.

The hockey player looks very well done as he comes with a brand new hockey stick, hockey gear, hockey helmet and what looks like a pair of minifgure skates.

My top 3 favorite are the Hockey Player, Rockstar, and musketeer!

Please tell me in a comment below what you 3 favorite Minifigures of Series 4 are!

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  1. Thanks for changing it! ^^ Although the article now doesn't make sense as the photo isn't new. But well, thanks again. :P