December 06, 2010

The Grand Emporium Review

Hello I have recently purchased the LEGO Grand Emporium. So today I will be doing a review on this great set. OK well lets get started!

There are 3 floors on the grand emporium (not counting the roof.) All of which lift off as seen in the Cafe Corner and other sets in this line. On the first floor it is a jewelry store/ Clothing store. It contains Two mannequins, a nicely designed cash register, And a really cool changing room. On the outside of the first floor there is a shop sign that was fairly easy to build. There is also an ice cream stand, some flowers, and some other small details. Inside the building there is also an escalator that has an interesting design and leads that leads to the second floor.

The second floor is a home and goods shop featuring a LEGO wine glass. On the outside there is some amazing design and the only difference from the third floor and second floor is that on the outside there is the eight flags on the second story. And once again on the inside there is an escalator.

The third floor is a toy shop. Inside there is a doll house, a scooter, and two balls. Inside the third floor you will also find a nicely designed chandelier but other then that.... there's nothing more to this floor.

The roof was an annoying part to build because of the pieces, you had to repeat the same thing over and over again. (I would recommend building this with a partner.) There is also a sign at the top featuring a minifigure head. (that tends to fall off a lot.) And a nice little feature that LEGO included was the window washer.

This set contains 8 minifigures counting the mannequins and takes around 5-8 hours to build. There are 2180 pieces and it stands 37.5 cm. tall or 14.8 in. This set is a great product and I would recommend getting this for someone 11 years and up. This set cost $150 on and is well worth it! OK guys well that's it... Please tell us what you thought of the review. The next review is of the Pharaoh's Quest sphinx! Until then this is Legostothemax, TheBrickUpdates NEW! reviewer. :)


  1. LTTM, technically this isn't the first review. Dmotion has already done reviews on Hogwarts Castle.

  2. Yes i was going to point that out ....