December 31, 2010

Introducing TheBrickUpdate forum!

We are starting 2011 off with a bang by introducing to you guys the official Brick Update Forum! TheBrickUpdate forum is a place for people to discuss LEGO, give us advice and suggestions for the site and a place for readers of TheBrickUpdate to meet and talk.

This forum is just starting and should grow alot in the next couple of weeks and months! We will have a topic for suggestions on how to improve the forum and make it more enjoyable for our users.

The forum will be run by myself and the 4 main admins of TheBrickUpdate. I invite all readers of TheBrickUpdate to register the forum and join the discussion but please read the rules before you post.

Thanks everybody and I would like to say Happy New Year from all of us here at TheBrickUpdate and we have a great 2011 full of Lego News planned for you guys.

- LMAN PWNER "Goodbye 2010"

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