January 02, 2011

Best film of 2010!!!!

Well, TheBrickUpdate really isn't one to decide that, but we can tell you some of the highlights of 2010!

From TheFourMonkeys: The Brick Idiots & Galactic Smugglers
From Keshen8: Lego Black Ops, Cardboard Gear Solid, & Lego Street Shootout
From xxxFancyPantsxxx: The Force Unleashed
From OldScratch: Brick It
From SpasticChuwawa: CLACK, A Lego Batman Film, & Snob On A Pogo Stick
From PizzaMovies: Fight of Epic Randomness
From Spugesdu: All his CGI
From Blobstudios: Killer Potato
From JustSuper9: LNZ Part 1
From Fireguy789: Lego Star Wars- Disruption On Manda
From Saminatorger: The Package 2- Redherrin
From NightlyNewsAtNine: The Nightly News at Nine series
From Paganomation: LEGO Toy Story Episode 1: Blast-Off Buzz
From ForestFire101: Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return
From ZachMG: Stranger than Fishin'
From Mobdeli: Ham on Set
From NickDurron: Zombie: Genesis

Sorry for anyone we missed. But these are truly the best of 2010.

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