January 01, 2011

Goodbye Thebrickupdate.blogspot.com

Yes, we are getting rid of the thebrickupdate.blospot.com. BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING A CUSTOM DOMAIN! yes, you heard me, we will soon be thebrickupdate.com! With getting a domain name it takes some time to load, so the site will be offline for a couple days while it is processing. Don't worry, when we are back online we will have tons of new articles for you to look at and enjoy! We will be going offline on 1-2-11 at 2:00 EST. Say goodbye to thebrickupdate.blogspot.com and say hello to thebrickupdate.com. A new year and already a
very bright beginning.

Went Ewok Fishing, be back
in a couple days.

Picture deigned by Isaac Philips

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