January 22, 2011

Lego Pharaoh's Quest Review; Scarab Attack

Ok, before I start this review I would like to let you guys know that everyday this week I will upload another Pharaoh's Quest review leading up to the pyramid. But remember I may not be available to post every day so don't be surprised if i miss a day.

Well lets get started.

As most of you know I'm currently in the process of making a Pharaoh's Quest movie and When i saw this set on ToysЯUs.com i had to have it. I ordered it for $6 plus sales tax and shipping so it came out to around $12 (not worth it.) And after 2 weeks it was delivered.

This sets retail price is around $5-$7 USD and is a nice deal for a $5 set. Well the set is small but packs a punch. Its comes with Jack Raines, a camp site, and all importantly the scarab. So lets go into detail.
Jack Raines: hes the main character in the series and comes in every set except 1 so not so special.
Camp site/ tool box: the camp site is made up of a fire, a drum stick piece, and a mug. The tool box comes with a rifle and a pick axe.
Scarab beetle: The scarab is put together very easily. It has a piece for the legs to get attach, legs which are robot arms from exo force, the back/ shell is printed meaning no stickers! the way it should be. The head is made up of one of those pieces with four studs on four sides and its top with two gold 1x1 pieces and a horn like piece.
Treasure: The golden crystal is a part of the 6 treasures in the series and it is just a recoloring of the crystals for the power miners sets.
Well we will now end this review with some pro's and con's.

Jake Raines
No stickers!
Perfect for starters
Good price point
none that I can really think of.
New review tomorrow so stay tuned.

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