January 21, 2011

Lego WWII The Encounter Review

At first when I got the PM in my inbox I thought it was some guy who had some bad films looking for some people to watch his video's until I saw his subscriber box 700. Now that I knew he would probably have a decent film I checked it out and this is not only a review but tips on improving. So here's what I think.

Ok at first it looked pretty boring until the animation the animation was perfect I was in fact stunned by it after that I saw the figures I noticed how he only used lego elements for the weapons not a single Brickarms in sight and I just love purist films. Now you could have used some voice acting it would have made the film much better. Now plot obviously its in WWII about some Americans who encounter some germans and I thought why not all the other WWII lego movies are pretty much the same story. Now for the sound effects amazing they fit perfectly into EVERYTHING. Now for the final part the set, I would have to say he did A great job on the sets probably better than I could ever do the tank was amazing I have to say.

Pro's: Animation,sound effects,plot,set,purist weapons,
Con's,Needed voice acting.

So far my final verdict is.......... 4.9/5 stars!

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my video. I highly appreciate it! I certainly do need some voice acting! :P lol. Thanks!

  2. nice article blade dude