January 20, 2011

Medieval Market Village Review

A little while ago I went on Lego.com and saw a product called the medieval market village. When I saw this product I didn't think much of it. but this year for Christmas all my presents were opened except 1. This year I asked for a Kingdoms set expecting the castle but to my surprise it did not contain the castle, for it was the medieval market village.

I was extremely excited when I first opened this set, I ripped open the box and started to build. I never noticed on the website the amazing architecture on this piece. So 2 days later and 4 hours of building it was done.

This set included 8 minifigures: blacksmith, 2 soldiers, 2 male peasants, 2 female peasants and a boy minifigure! This was extremely good for Lego, as their usual minifig scale is quite small. This set also includes A large amount of animals such as bulls, a chicken, a duck, a rooster, a horse, a rat, and a frog.
Of course the reason you would buy this set would be the amazing buildings, we will start off with the tan building. The first floor of the building is the blacksmith shop and the horse stable. Outside the blacksmith shop is a water wheel that when turned makes the hammer in the blacksmith shop strike the sword. On the second floor there is just an oven, a table, and a chair. The building is attached by hinge pieces that can open and close with ease.

The next building is the blue building. This building is my favorite out of the two, but it was a much harder build, because throughout the build it was very unsteady and things kept falling down. This set was the hardest part of the build. So for those of you with unsteady hands this would be almost impossible to build. On the first floor there was a bar and not much going on. The second floor contained a hotel room with a perfume bottle, a stool, a brush, and a greatly designed bed.

OK the last part of this review is the small accessories. Some of the accessories are a small stand, a table, a horse cart, and a tree. These were nice little accessories they included but there's nothing much really to them. Now lets go to my final thoughts with some pro's and con's.

Very Detailed,
lots of mini-figures,
well designed,
not a lot of cheater bricks,
good price,
good piece ratio.
The Tree is fragile.
Manual does not indicate colors well.
Instead of using stickers, why can’t Lego print the patterns on those particular pieces?

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