January 30, 2011

LEGO Series #3 Minifigures : Gorilla Costume Review

Hey Guys!

Its time for #2 of our series #3 minifigure reviews! And today we have....
Although he doesn't sound like much he is quit a nice fig. Here's a picture

Pretty nice lookin eh?
This figure is just a bundle of cute...If by cute you mean a six foot tall hairy ape. Although this may look like a real gorilla...its not. LEGO have gone one step further and created a guy in a gorilla suit!
This Fantastic figure isn't awfully detailed....Rather simply actually. But it looks great.I guess LEGO has showed us again that simplicity is sometimes the key.
Although very simple i think this is a great figure!
It even has a head with beads of sweat running down his face.
All and all id give this a.....
7 OUT OF 10!

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