January 30, 2011

Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars Beta Review

As many of you know, a recent bata has been released and is hosted by facebook (see older article); and many of you might be undecided. "Should I play this game beta?" or "I've never played a Lego star wars game, what is it like?-Is it fun?"

Well first off, the beta is quite small but gives you a idea of  what the game will be like-So in turn, I would say, Yes, play the beta. If your still saying: "weeeeeeeeeelllll, I don't know..." this is for you. In the beta, you can traverse over 10 different trial maps on planets and capital ships!
With the awarded studs, you can buy wallpaper, video clips, and other minifigs to customize your fig. Like mine is a JarJar head and legs with a jetpack from a mando (lol, not a good combo). The possibilities are endless and sometimes you need the help of the other playersso be nice to your fellow beta-goers and they'll be nice in turn!

Now what i see bad about the beta is that its in the  old,old screen scroll format (looking at from the side and screen moves to the right or left) That is a bad portrayal because as you've seen, the game will be more of an aerial angle. So go play that beta! There's an option at the end to preorder the game which you can do and expand the universe. I will be reviewing the game when it comes out so keep a heads up for that!

Here's a better look at the game itself:

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