January 29, 2011

LEGO Series #3 Minifigures : Tennis Player Review

As I went down to look a the new LEGO Ninjago sets at my local ToysRus I was immensely surprised to find the Series #3 LEGO Minifigures. So i thought what the heck ill get a few..Of course it ended up not being a few but exactly 9 of them....

The first one i opened was the.......Tennis Player!

That's right! I received the fantastically detailed female tennis player!
You've got to admit this minifigure looks rather impressive!
Her hair is the Series #1 Nurses hair except in a nice light orange colour. Her head is rather similar to that of the Nurse too.
She also comes with the brand new tennis racquet accessory! As do all of the figures she comes with a stand so you can put her on display.
I think she is a great figure to add to anyones collection and beautifully designed!
I give her a... 7 OUT OF 10!

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