January 18, 2011

Legostothemax's New Pharoah's Quest Interview

This week brickfilmer Legostothemax, a youtube brickfilmer, announced an ambitious project of doing a long movie on Lego's new line, Pharaoh's Quest. as far as I know, this brickfilm will be the first good movie using the new range. Legostothemax is a great brickfilmer, and his brickfilms are very high quality. Yesterday he answered a few of my questions as well as providing some pictures:

How long is this movie?

The Movie is expected to run for 40 minutes counting credits but some changes may be made.

Why did you decide to make a Pharaoh's Quest movie?

I decided to make a Pharaoh's quest film because it reminded me of the old adventurers sets. (cool fact, On the campsite in the movie the tent is actually the top of the old adventurers balloon.)

What is some of the voice talent you have gathered?

Some of the voice talent i have gathered include famous youtuber keatthebeat and i may also be getting forestfire101

Will you make a sequel?
I already know the answer to this question and i will say yes i am, but be warned you will not be able to expect it.

When will we see this movie out?

the movie will hopefully be out by February.

Will you be working on anything else while you make this?

I will be making some short films but nothing very major.

Will you be using CGI?

No CGI I never really liked cgi, i like the real thing. but don't tell spugesdu. lol

What can you tell us about the movie, plot, or characters?

All I can say about the movie is be sure to grab some popcorn before you watch because you are in for one wild ride.

What is your favorite Pharaoh's Quest set? Why?
My favorite set is probably the Cursed Cobra Statue because it contains my favorite character, Helina Scalving, she will play a big role in my film.

Have you seen any Pharaoh's quest movies you enjoyed and like?
No one has really made any pharaoh's quest films yet, sure a few were made but i didn't really like any of them.

What is your favorite brickfilmer and brickfilm?

My favorite brickfilmer ... I can't really decide there are just to many good filmers out there. Favorite film is American Outlawed by cannedgravey.


  1. Willco, you have some amazing posts, not to mention amazing brickfilms. I admire youre work and interviews, there pretty cool......

  2. oh forgot to say keep up the good work.