January 23, 2011

Picture leaked of Lego Minifigures Series 5

A new picture has been leaked online of figures from the new Minfigures series 5!These figures look awsome and it looks like they have some great new accessories. This appears to be only half of the Series 5 line so look forward to seeing the other 7 figures very soon!

From what I can see in the picture Minfigures series 5 will contain the following:

Dwarf Warrior
Cavewoman (looks like something out of The Flinstones)
Ancient egyptian woman (Cleopatra?)
Royal Guard
Guy in Dinosaur suit?
Clown with Pie

Tell me in the comments below which Minfigure you look forward to the most!



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  14. boxer and dwarf and dinosaur suit guy are my favorites

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