February 22, 2011

Its that time again guys!

Another review!

And today we are reviewing...

8093 Plo Koon's Jedi StarFighter

Although not the biggest set we have reviewed I rather think that this set exceeded my expectations! I already have Ashoka and Anakins starfighters in my possession and although very similar....This is my favourite! This set comes with two minifigures, Plo Koon and his astromech droid R7-D4. The jedi starfighter is in fact quite a masterpiece! Although not a very complicated build it was quite exhilarating! The colour scheme was satisfactory...maybe a little more wing detail if it was up to me.

Most of us have seen Plo Koons minifigure but i love the new astromech droid!
I cant really think of anything that bad about this set....
Sometimes the eject function doesn't work properly but its still kinda cool!
So i guess I'll give this a.......


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