February 01, 2011

LEGO Minifigures Series #3 : Hula Dancer Review

OK guys!

Its time for our third series #3 minifigure review!

And today we have quite a nice one......


This particular minifigure is a rather happy and fun
looking figure and looks really nice. You can almost imagine her on some deserted island shaking her maracas and dancing in her hula skirt!

Although the hula skirt looks fantastic in the picture....I'm sorry to say LEGO didn't really perform to its usual standards with it and looks nothing like the one on the left. Also it was rather hard to put on.

Other than that i have nothing really negative to say.
The hairpiece has a very nice pink flower printed on it and her face is very stunning!

So ill have to give this a.....

6 OUT OF 10!!!

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