February 01, 2011

Lego Pharaoh's Quest Golden Staff Guardians review.

As I stated in my last Pharaoh's Quest review, most of you know i am making a Pharaoh's Quest movie and in honer of it i am making these reviews. Well there is no real opening about how I got this set, it was a Christmas present. Well lets start the review.

This set costs $9.99 USD and contains 70 pieces. This is a good set to start your mummy army because it contains 2 mummies and Mac McCloud (one of the explorers). Now the story behind this set is... Mac McCloud races towards the temple on his motorcycle in search of 1 of the Pharaoh Amset-Ra’s 6 treasures, the golden staff. Gain access to the staff with dynamite and stay one step ahead of the mummies! Includes three minifigures: Mac McCloud and 2 mummies!

The temple is a nice little monument and goes well with Scorpion Pyramid, if any of you have Scorpion Pyramid this can be used as a front gate. The play feature in this set is that you put your finger behind the monument and flick it and the staff launches out, but unfortunately this play feature usually doesn't work well.

The minifigures are 2 mummy warriors and Mac McCloud. The mummy warriors have double sided heads. One with one eye, and the other with both eyes and a mouth. The torso is also double sided. Mac consists of a pilots helmet, and a nice torso of an undershirt with oil stains on it.

The last part of this set is the motorcycle is a recoloring of Mutt's bike from Indiana Jones and has some pretty basic detail including a shotgun and dynamite. The only problem with the motorcycle is that it cant stand on Lego studs well. I faced this problem while making my movie and i came up with a good solution. If any of you have bought the old Lego city community workers set you will know that it came with a big wheel that held the oil can for the octane worker. Well the other accessories on there are quite helpful in making the motor cycle stand up. Take this piece (look at picture)

And attach it to the circle part of the bike located at the bottom. Now your bike will stand without falling over.

Now lets end this review with some pros and cons.




No stickers

Motor cycle



Not good price to piece ratio

Staff it to long.


Well that's it people tune in next week for flying mummy attack.


  1. Cool, second review,how many more till Pharohs Quest?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maby a week after the prymid pharaoh's quest will be here.

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