February 10, 2011

The Quest For R2-D2

Now guys, as many of you know, The Lego Star Wars Beta has been released. If you havent yet played it: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/legostarwarsiii/index.jsp . If you want a more inside look at that, read my review on it here: http://www.thebrickupdate.com/2011/01/lego-star-wars-3-clone-wars-beta-review.html . Anyway, I have recently played a game on star wars.com called the "The Quest For R2-D2". This game is pretty fun and shows you another aspect of how the soon-to-be- released game will be like. There aren't any huge battles like you see in the trailers, but it does give you a taste of how the playing type will be like.

Anakin fights an unfortunate battle droid.
In this game, you play as a choice of four characters, who go on a search for the little astromech we all love: R2-D2. As you work your way through levels, you are exposed to new elements and every level advancement, the game gets harder. You collect jewels (red and yellow) to see whether you get gold, silver, or bronze achievement on each level. As you get closer, the amounts of battle droids increase. This is a fun game, but unless you are super super MLG (Major League Gamer) combined with being a no-life, you should play this game over a span of days and not all at once.I see this as an addition to the beta and it shows you another aspect of this game's experience.

I suggest checking this game out, and you can find it here on Star wars.com in the game section: http://starwars.com/games/playnow/r2d2_quest/ or here at Lego.com/games: http://starwars.lego.com/en-us/Games/Default.aspx . Play on people! and keep looking for Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars and when I post my review of it to TheBrickUpdate! Thanks!

The official game logo of Lego Star Wars the Search for R2-D2.


  1. Hey clonetrooper? That game has been out for at least a year or 2 on the star wars and lego sites. There's been much newer games than that on the star wars and lego sites. Just letting you know

  2. wtf??! Why is this site writing every time about old news?!
    If you dont have something to write, simply DON'T write about crapy old shit!

  3. I don't think he realized it was so old.

  4. nono, i know it was somewhat old but it gives you a good look of the game. So anonymous, ur just a pussy for not even making a name for urself, just go die. Theres a good trainbn schedule so thats one way

  5. oh, Im sorry. I wish you had said that in your article

  6. ah
    well ill make sure i will in the future.