February 28, 2011

Top 10 Posts of 2011

We at theBrickUpdate sure like to see articles get a lot of views. I'm sure you're also interested on what articles get the most views. At the first place spot is "Ninjago Movie", an article announcing the release by Lego of a, you guessed it, a movie based on the Ninjago set line. The article was published Jan. 4th and has 1,358 pageviews, leading the second place article by over 450 views. This article in second place is "Picture leaked of Lego Minifigures Series 5" by LMAN PWNER. This article also has the most comments, with 16 in total. The third place contender shows pictures of the new Pirates of the Caribbean sets, and the next 5 are about Star wars 2011 sets. 3 deal with the summer sets, and 2 talk about the recently released sets. The article in the number 9 spot announces the release of Pirates of the Caribbean video game, and the 10th article reviews the Ninjago movie that the number 1 article mentioned. 2 admins, 3 authors, and one former author wrote these articles, and the author who got the most views on the top 10 was LMAN PWNER, for writing the 2nd and 3rd place articles, with a grand total of about 1,500 pageviews. Now that's a lot of information.